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FarmAppies is an App that creates Apps!!

There is a real need and opportunity to make Farmers in the Developing World more efficient. Changes in efficiency will make a massive change to the lives of Billions and the balance sheets of governments.

The additional 3 Billion Internet users coming online in the next 5 years have different needs to today's 3 Billion; there is a need to rethink the Mobile services that will support these people. Appies is one of those new service tailored for the new 3 Billion. We have a number of sister products for specific groupings. See EdAppies and Generic Appies Others coming soon!!!

FarmAppies creates apps directly from your iOS or Android Device and is designed for farmers to share information in countries like India. New in Version 2.0 is Create from Facebook Page allowing small businesses to create apps using an existing Facebook Page.

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Why FarmAppies

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Farming in the Developing World

There is huge potential for improving farming efficiencies in the developing world - small percentage changes can make significant effects on the quality of life for millions. Whereas great work is being done developing better seeds which result in better resistance to drought or flooding we think there is a massive opportunity in just helping the communication of all the better techniques. We also think that we should enable the population to communicate these techniques themselves. The Internet will help here but we hope FarmAppies will become the mechanism which will be used to enable that communication.

Of the 5.9B billion people in the developing world, there are 5B phones - 1B are smartphones. The number of PCs are many times lower and there is a real need for content generation on the mobile. iOS and Android make good platforms for content generation but that content can be consumed on many types of devices from small Java based phones to smartphones. FarmAppies content can be consumed on all these devices. Whereas our competitors have ignored the small Java phones we have continued to support these devices as well as smartphones and we are well positioned to take a prominent place for apps in the developing world.

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Privacy is Important

Privacy is hugely important. We realised there is no need for any user registration of this app and for this reason we do not know or even want to know who you are. Additionally apps which are created can be optionally made private. Private apps can be shared but they will never appear in the Gallery. Apps in the Gallery only appear there after they have been reviewed by our review team.

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Where do FarmAppies work

FarmAppies creation works on all iOS and Android phones and tablets. The apps it creates will run on all devices. It does this by building 7 different technically different versions every time you publish the app and in the unlikely case of your phone not supporting one of these technologies it will revert to a website.
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In developing a beautiful and simple UI the features in the FarmAppies created are themselves simple. Appies is now in Version 2.0 which added the capability of creating apps from Facebook Pages

  • New to version 2.0 ability to create from Phone or Create from Facebook
  • The apps are downloaded at install and work offline where possible - this is ideal for the developing world where connections are intermittent and potentially expensive,
  • Up to 10 pages per app,
  • A page can contain up to 6 photos and large amounts of text, plus links to other documents,
  • contents list to pages,
  • font size change (create from phone only),
  • searching within the app (create from phone only)
  • sharing from the phone
  • apps on iOS are installable webapps, apps on Android are Native - on other phones a webapp is used
  • We have a Gallery of Apps created so far. This is new and so still growing in size
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    About Us


    We've been working on App building technologies since 2005. In so doing we've learnt a lot and built up a technology expertise greater than most companies in the space. In particular our EyeMags product has been very successful in developing countries such as India, Indonesia, Africa, Russia and in the Middle Eastern countries - initially this was because of our support for Java(MIDP) technologies but now because of the massive growth of smartphones. It was this experience and the real need in these countries to have content creation capabilities on the mobile device rather than on a PC which made us want to develop the FarmAppies product. We also realised that even in the developed world there is a real need to develop on the go content creation in today's fast moving society.

    We also have experience of developing beautiful User Interfaces for smartphones. In 2005 we developed the world's first Flash based UI app for the BBC, ITV and some of the top UK magazines. This service won awards for its beautiful UI. Flash is no longer a usuable technology on phones, but we've been working on to provide similar highly graphical UIs for the last few years. We use this technology beautiful native gesture based UIs.

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