FarmAppies User Conduct

    1. Any content?

    Yes, any content!. Shortly we'll be adding video and music, but for now add any pictures and text to your FarmAppie. Just make sure you own the copyright and the content is not offensive or contains slurs on others.

    If you are over 18 then you can create an over 18 FarmAppie, but make sure it is not offensive and don't go too far - you will be able to send it to your friends, but it will never appear in any of the galleries. We don't want to upset anyone but at the same time we don't want to over restrict.

    If you see content which you think crosses the line please "flag it as inappropriate" and we will remove it.

    If you want to use an FarmAppie commercially as a brochure or advert for your business just contact us at info@alibro.co.uk. If you're a tiny business, we will probably just agree with no charges whatsoever. If you're a huge conglomerate we will charge you an affordable amount - just ask us.

    2. Anyone?

    Yes, you can send to anyone. We want you to sent to your friends and for our service to grow. But please do not use it as "spam". You can e-mail FarmAppies.

    3. Anywhere?

    Yes, FarmAppies works anywhere in the world on any network infrastructure. It never tries to connect directly to the Internet so it should just work.

    4. Any way?

    Yes, you can distribute your FarmAppies any way you like. On the phone you can send an SMS to your friends. But also you can e-mail, post on web-sites, bluetooth or whatvever way you like. Just no spam please. If we receive complaints we may remove your membership and your content from our service.

    5. Anything else?

    No, just enjoy the service and tell us what you like and dislike.